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ROLEK Company

Among European companies which manufacture industrial bearings, Czech manufacturer ROLEK takes a worthy place in the top ten. First of all, the Company is focused on Western user. But lately the high-quality products of ROLEK began to conquer new markets.

ROLEK Company history

The Company was founded in 1929 in Czech city České Budějovice by Hungarian native Lazlo Goverzsik and Czech Anton Kaśta. Originally the enterprise was called “Kaśta and Partners” and comprised a motor vehicle repair workshop where there was conducted repairs of different machinery and restoration of damaged units and spare parts. In 1932, the partners moved to Prague where they launched manufacture of ball bearings for German and French vehicles.

During the Second World War the Company temporarily ceased to exist. Kaśta emigrated to USA where he also got involved himself in manufacture of mechanical parts. His stay overseas gave a serious boost to development of the Company after return of two sons of Anton Kaśta to their homeland in 1994. It was then that the Company got its name ROLEK sounding like “roller” or “roll”.

Having established the contacts with American industrial enterprises during the years of emigration, the ROLEK founders arranged deliveries of roller- and ball bearings to USA and Canada. The Plant actively developed, and, in 2001, already provided 800 people with workplaces, manufacturing more than 70 names of products. Today ROLEK Company (Czechia) is one of the most high-tech manufacturers of bearings in Eastern Europe, and its products are well known in both hemispheres.

Advantages of Company

The whole world knows that, having bought the original ball- or roller bearing made by ROLEK, you may be sure in its reliability. Quality of the products of this Czech manufacturer is provided by a high level of production automation, which practically excludes influence of human factor. Compliance of the bearings with the strict world standards is followed up in all stages of manufacture. ROLEK buys the raw materials for its products only in the territory of Europe, mainly using Swedish and Norwegian steels. Many products are unique of a kind since they were developed and patented by designers of the enterprise.

Kinds of bearing products

The range of the products manufactured by the famous Czech brand is extremely wide. Among the products it is worth to mention the following:

  • Ball bearings;

  • Roller- and needle bearings;

  • Self-setting bearings;

  • Maintenance-free bearings.

The users are offered a wide choice of dimensions and modifications of the parts, including heat-resistant bearings and special solutions for use in aggressive medium. The company is continuously conducting search for new, efficient solutions, having its fingers on the pulse of the branch and introducing new technologies and promising materials.

Each imported ROLEK bearing is a product meeting DIN standards and designed for intensive operation in production conditions, in transport or at home. A durable service life of the products is confirmed by the official guarantee granted by the manufacturer.