Quality of Rolek bearings

Quality of Rolek bearings

In up-to-date industrial and transport sectors, due to high loads and large quantity of unfavorable factors, reliability of units and parts is of very great importance. This also relates to the bearings as to the elements of mechanisms providing support for working shafts and axes. Czech manufacturer Rolek is a company, which products is known all over the world due to a wide range of products and a high level of their manufacture. Quality of Rolek bearings is what the Company is rightly proud of since the day it was established.

Quality guaranteed by Rolek

In 1994, when the Company entered the European market, the Rolek brand was absolutely unknown, and the Management of the Company took an important decision – to achieve performance of the full cycle of bearing manufacture at their enterprise. The manufacturer tackled this complicated task in only two years, and already in 1996 Rolek bearing company officially declared that no imported component is used in their products. Such approach gave the following advantages to the brand:

  • Reduction of bearings cost;

  • Possibility of free expansion of product range;

  • Liquidation of dependency on external suppliers;

  • Absolute confidence in quantity of each product unit.

The last factor is especially important for Rolek Plant since now it became possible to monitor observation of the production technology by own forces in all stages of manufacture of the parts. Manufacture of the bearings reached a new level, and the Plant developed its unique control system. Birth of each new product is being monitored by experts from the moment of arrival of the raw materials and to the moment of transfer of the finished products to the warehouse.