Bearings for the mining industry

Bearings for the mining industry

Heavy equipment, work in quarries, transportation of a ton of minerals - all this is carried out every day by large-sized machines, which are subjected to heavy loads. The mining industry places high demands on the bearing units, because the roller bearing is regularly subjected to huge radial loads:

- regular close contact with contaminated habitats;

- constant shock, vibration and damage;

- the presence of irregular loads in the process of crushing products and cutting impacts lead to impaired balancing of the entire system;

- in mining equipment, all shocks and loads generate temperature indicators that can exceed +100 degrees;

- various shaft flaws with linear deviations.

Considering the extreme working conditions of the technology, ROLEK offers the use of high-quality roller bearings. Indeed, in the bearing assemblies it is extremely necessary to compensate for the huge deflections of the shafts, as well as the misalignment of the bearings. High demands are made on lubricants.