Bearings for the oil industry

Bearings for the oil industry

Oil production is an industry that is an important component of the fuel and energy complex of any country. An important feature of it is the high requirements for equipment and its individual components. ROLEK bearings for the oil industry are manufactured with the expectation of use in the most extreme conditions, where the equipment is subjected to static and dynamic loads, vibrations, aggressive environments and high temperatures. You also need to consider that a pump or other unit with a bearing in oil production or processing works without stopping, often 24 hours a day. Not all bearings for industry can withstand this mode of operation, so the industry is trying to use products in a special design. In the manufacture of bearings for the industry, special alloys resistant to temperature deformations are widely used, as well as special design solutions that help to maximize the life of the part and reduce the cost of its maintenance and repair.

Bearing applications in the oil industry

The modern petrochemical industry uses bearings very widely. Units used in drilling, processing or transporting raw materials equipment must meet the highest requirements of wear resistance and strength, but at the same time they must comply with the accuracy class and high-speed mode. Single and double row rolling bearings are an integral part of such devices:



Power drives;

Mobile blocks;

Block hooks.

High loads on every detail of these devices cause not only wear of the supporting parts, but also mechanical damage from impacts, deformations from overloads and temperature changes, different types of corrosion.