Bearings for agricultural machinery

Bearings for agricultural machinery

Particularly high demands are placed on the bearings of the rotation units of special and agricultural machinery. This is due to the fact that construction mechanisms, freight transport, tractors and combines work in particularly intensive conditions, with huge loads on mechanical elements. Also, various negative factors often act on this part of this technique: dust, dirt, chemically active substances, high humidity and temperature changes.

In modern construction and road machines, tractors and combines, many bearings and bearing units of various types and designs are used. But if we consider a truck or tractor, focusing on the most important and loaded nodes, it will become clear that the most demanded among their owners will be such goods as roller bearings. The manufacturer of the equipment installs them in the hubs, gearboxes and power take-offs, in the starting engines, the elements of the chassis, in the nodes of the working bodies and devices. The ROLEK catalog of bearings for excavators, concrete trucks, graders, as well as combines and tractors, necessarily implies the presence of the following roller models, single and double row:


Radial and radial;


• needle;

• Spherical.

ROLEK also offers consumers to buy ball products that are used where there are high rotation speeds and low load levels. Single-row and double-row ball radial bearings are indispensable in pumps and generators of construction and agricultural machines, as well as clutch assemblies.