Sale geography of Rolek bearings

Sale geography of Rolek bearings

Rolek industrial bearings are the products of high European quality highly demanded in different spheres of production. Rolek manufactures a wide range of bearings which can meet the needs of any industrial enterprises, as well as those of transport and special equipment. Every year the demand for Rolek bearings is growing, the volumes of their manufacture are increased, and new models of bearings popular all over the world are developed and offered.

Rolek: brand forced to be counted

Among large number of manufacturers who offer their bearing products, Rolek is one of the most new ones. The first products with Company’s logo started their appearing in the European market in 1994 and right away began to compete decisively with the companies having the century-old history. Since the early days, Rolek Company uses the most advanced solutions and the most high-quality materials, and also spares neither effort nor expense for introduction of innovations and conducting own scientific research.

In the late 1990s Rolek being already famous in Europe enters into the American market where it faces a stiff competition of local bearing manufacturers. The Management of the Company takes the decision on change of the tactics and starts manufacture of special products under individual orders, which leads to a considerable increase of profit and range of manufactured bearing products.

By the beginning of 2005, Rolek industrial bearings began to appear in the markets of North and South Americas, in the Republic of South Africa, India and a number of countries of the Middle East.

This brought a rapid success since Rolek provided a high quality of bearings, combining flexible price policy and advanced technologies, which sometimes is difficult to repeat and introduce even for world bearing brands. So Czech Rolek Company was able to boost quickly and considerably its production capacity.

Competitive advantages of Company

A rapid expansion of the sale geography became possible only due to serious teamwork of the Rolek’s specialists. In order to easily compete with larger manufacturers, a special exclusive approach to work is necessary. The following Company’s advantages helped to achieve the success:

  • Strict quality control;

  • Sale of products only through official dealers;

  • Carefully developed logistics excluding any failures;

  • High speed of fulfillment of orders having any complexity;

  • Attractive price policy relating to all kinds of products, including special ones.

It is also important to emphasize that Rolek bearings are manufactured with close monitoring provided by its Quality Service. Each official representative of the brand obtains the products for sale only from the finished product warehouses located in Europe and is always confident in origin of each unit of his goods.