Volumes of manufacture of Rolek Company

Volumes of manufacture of Rolek Company

Rolek Company, a Czech manufacture of bearings, is one of the most dynamically developing enterprises of the branch. The products of this European brand are known in tens of countries of the world, and they justly enjoy a high reputation. Due to the utmost responsible approach to work, the success accompanies the Company since 1994. For many young companies, a short but eventful history of Rolek has become an example confirming that painstaking work and well-conceived market strategy may brought to the world level a provincial factory which is known to nobody.

Increase in production volumes by Rolek Company

Having begun its production activity from 10 kinds of products, the brand by 1999 offered their customers more than 70 names of rolling and sliding bearings which were manufactured at a single plant located at a distance of 40 km from the Czech capital. Today more than 200 kinds of the bearing sizes manufactured by this Czech manufacturer are officially delivered to hundreds of enterprises in different countries, and yearly quantities of the products manufactured by the Company exceed 8 million of product units.

Today the user may purchase the original bearing of this European brand weighing from 1 g to 2 t. Every year the product range increases, and more and more innovative products appear in the Company’s catalogs. The Plant manufactures practically all kinds of rolling bearings highly popular in modern production enterprises and transport. But the brand has also own unique products.

From the most known products, it is worth to mention:

  • Needle bearings of large diameter;

  • Self-setting models;

  • Maintenance-free bearings;

  • Precision bearings.

The enterprise also manufactures Rolek bearings to order according to the customer’s individual project. The brand yearly manufactures more than 10 thousand exclusive products for non-standard equipment used in mining, oil & gas and energy-generation branches. Several large-diameter bearings manufactured by the Plant provide supports for screw shafts of cruise liners plying the waters of oceans. The products of the brand belong to the goods Czechia is proud of.