Service provided for production enterprises and plants

Service provided for production enterprises and plants

Founded in 1994, Rolek Company began its activities as a plant for manufacture of bearing products for transport sphere. But already in 1998, the enterprise expanded and updated its production facilities, proceeding to manufacture of industrial models used in machine-building, energy generation, mining and oil & gas branches.

Serviced branches of industry

In 2001, Rolek Company begins to manufacture non-standard bearings for specialized equipment. The first ball bearing made according to customer’s drawings was manufactured in the same year for German company manufacturing wind generators. Today Rolek precision bearings and large-diameter models manufactured by the brand to order are in a high demand all over the world. The products of Czech manufacture, both serial and exclusive ones, are very popular in the following branches:

  • Heavy machine-building;

  • Metallurgy;

  • Automotive industry;

  • Shipbuilding;

  • Aircraft industry;

  • Energy generation;

  • Mining and concentrating industry;

  • Food industry;

  • Chemical industry;

  • Pharmacology.

Furnished with the most up-to-date equipment, Rolek Plant offers manufacture of different-size bearings, from miniature to the most large-sized ones. The catalog of serial products of the brand is expanded every year, covering new spheres of human activities. In 2020, the Company is going to offer its customers a new line of high-accuracy lightweight bearings of new generations. These products will be designed for use in manipulators and units of automated lines used for sorting and packing of small-scale products.

Efficient solutions of Rolek Company

Czech company Rolek is a large manufacturer of bearings for the most various purposes. An important feature of the brand consists in the fact that it can offer not only off-the-shelf solutions or manufacture of units under already existing project but also development of parts under individual order. The Design Bureau of Rolek is ready to develop the industrial bearing of any type, version and dimensions, and also to manufacture it for their own purposes in the shortest possible time. The Company uses in its work the most efficient solutions and innovative materials: high-strength alloys, protective coatings, up-to-date greases and various polymers.