Railway bearings

Railway bearings

ROLEK produces special railway bearings characterized by high reliability. These devices are used in the Assembly of wheels, transmissions, traction motors. Operation of parts is allowed in high-speed trains and trains.

Without high-quality industrial bearings it is impossible to operate any equipment, especially when it comes to rail transport. Therefore, IN the production of rolek bearings, technologies are used to ensure the following advantages of the products:

  • high reliability, allowing even longer use of the item;

  • ability to withstand large vibrations;

  • at temperatures above 90 degrees the parts are not heated, which prevents - possible-overheating of the unit as a whole;

  • railway bearings can function in the most aggressive operating conditions.

The need for high-quality devices is due not only to heavy loads, but also to the requirements for transport safety. It is important to remember that you can save, and may even prevent the repair of equipment, the right approach to the choice of the device. Naturally, the bearing is not the main element of the unit, but its quality, one way or another, will affect the operation of the mechanisms as a whole.